Customer Testimonials

I just wanted to thank Kirsten and Eric for all the kindness they showed me and my family.  It was very hard for me but they showed a lot of compassion and were very helpful.  Even after things were over and I had questions I could always call and they were there to help me.  Again, thank you very much.
- Patty C.

Stacy and Employees - We can't thank you enough for doing such an excellent job during the loss of our mom.  She would have been pleased.  Thanks, too, Stacy for all of you kind attention to detail and to us.  We are very grateful!
- Earl and Nancy

Eric and the Staff at Wittich-Lewis and Cindy too - Our heartfelt appreciation for your kindness and compassion at the loss of pappa.  We will forever remember the wonderful and professional assistance you provided.  Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!
- Mary, Juana and Randy

We have had so many comments on how "Beautiful" Mother looked.  She looked like the college pictures on the screen.  We are all so glad we did the DVD!  A great job in a short time!
- John A.

The memorial service was great.  Our friends appreciated being together.  I made changes and asked for additional cards and everything was done very well.

 -Mary G

I would recommend Stacy Lewis to anyone.  I was amazed at how comfortable I felt throughout the process.  Thank you.
- Pat V.

Kirsten - Thank you so much for helping uus with everything.  You made it very easy and smooth going.  You do an awesome job and are a compassionate woman.


All I can say, "It was the BEST"  I'd recommend your funeral home as being very helpful and the very best.  "Everyone was very nice."
- June H.

If you can do a prepaid policy, you should try.  It makes it so much easier for those who have to handle all the funeral arrangements.
- Jane M.

Kirsten - Thank you so much for all your help in planning the funeral.  Everything you suggested was perfect.  I can't think of anything I would have changed.

 - Mary

Brian Hurlbut was so kind and caring.  He made a very sad time for my family bearable.  He did everything we requested.  Frankly, he went beyond with his help.  He is very thoughtful and kind.
- Debra W.

Peggy selected the casket so I can't say anything about that.  But I was very pleased with all you did for us.  Also I really wanted to thank you for the nice gift you just sent me.  I love it.  Thanks again.
_ Kerry Z.

We were very impressed on our mother's looks being very good.
- David F.

Since Hattie prepaid her funeral, even picked out her casket and most of everything, it took so much of the burden from us.  Everything was done, the way she wanted it done.
- Hattie thanks you all.

Again, thank you for everything.  It was a day that I will remember.  You all was so kind and comforting to me and family.  My mom was beautiful for what she went thru the last couple off weeks.  She looked at peace.  Thank you so much you made a difficult time easy to accept the loss of a "Loved One."

Kirsten was wonderful to work with.  She was very helpful, understanding and pleasant.
- Julie P.

Thank all of you so much for all your helpfulness and guidance through our recent funeral planning.  It made the task less difficult for our family.  We are so grateful and appreciative of all of your patience and understanding.  Our heartfelt thanks to all.
- Kathy C.

Thank Eric for making Mary F. arrangements work out.  Your help in this situation was above our expectations.  Thank you again!
-Joann W.

Thank your Eric and Kirsten for all your help the family and Mildred received and the service and support we needed.  Bless you both.  You're professionalism and caring people.  Thank you again.
- Melonie M.

Thank you for providing the services you did for our Mom's funeral.  Your help made it a little easier for all of us.
- The family of Marjorie R.

Your staff did a great job.  We appreciated working with Eric because of his friendliness, professionalism and attention to details.  Thank You!
- Pamela K.

Kirsten did a wonderful job.  She was extremely knowledgeable and helpful.  Every suggestion she made was good.  During the service and visitation she was right there when needed yet inconspicuous when not.  She anticipated and took care of every single detail and I would highly recommend her to anyone.

Mary B.

Thank you both and your staff for helping us get though this tough time.  We felt you went above and beyond our expectations.
- Sara and Blaine

Thank you and the entire staff.  We appreciated all the help with making arrangements.  We were glad we were able to have a visitation with the body present before the cremation.
- The McLaughlin family

We are very pleased with everything for mom's visitation and funeral.  We can't thank you all enough for being so caring and considerate.  We also appreciate your attention to details!  Special thanks to Stacy for helping us finish mom's arrangements and for being there for us.  We really appreciate it!
- Nancy and Earl M.

Kirsten is what made the whole funeral process bearable.  When I missed deadlines, she made everything happen (with others' help, I'm sure)  She just had this calm assurance on our family and stood by without rushing us.  (From picking out the casket to graveside)  Stacy was also very patient w/ time constraints and I really couldn't have picked a more patient soul than John to transport our daughter so many miles.  Thank you All.
- Susan N.

I would like to especially like to thank Eric and Kirsten for their professionalism, compassion and concern.  Not only for arrangements, but for their personal side of involvement.  Thank you for the bookmark and laminated announcement.
- John A.

Eric was very helpful and easy to work with.  He is very good at what he does.  We felt lucky to have him take care of Mom.  Thank you.
- Steve L.

I loved the way my family was treated.  Made us feel like family.  Thank you.
- Bonnie M.

The funeral home was so helpful and made a very hard time bearable.  The whole staff are to be commended for the care of our family.
- Sharon A.

Thank you, for your help.  everyone was very nice and helpful in this hard time of loss, Before, during and after the funeral.
- Dorothy F.

We firmly support the making of these arrangements being made in advance such as we did.  All minds are clear.  We feel our loved one was well cared for.  Our thanks to everyone.  The funeral home was beautiful.

Kirsten was very supportive and patient with us during the time Dora did her funeral preparations and supportive of the family during the funeral.

Thank you!  Our experience was good.  We appreciated your sensitivity, prices, and knowledge, along with suggestions to attain our budget.  Website is good also.
- Charlotte M.

We have had two previous family members at this funeral home.  Having mom make most of the arrangements made it easy for us.  The staff were all wonderful to work with and we appreciate be so accommodating. Thanks to Kirsten in making our personal loss easier.
- Lori F.

Funeral Home Staff took care of the lunch after the service and that was very helpful and handled well.  made special arrangements to allow us to meet family, clergy and music when not convenient for staff but were very gracious and all your suggestions helped.
- Ruth W.

As hard as this was for us, Kirsten did a great job in helping us with the arrangements.  We all felt very comfortable with her.  Thanks for your kindness and help.  We appreciated it very much.
- Mary Louise H.

I was very happy with my dad's funeral.  Everyone was so nice to my family.
- Walter M. and Lori C.

You went above and beyond.  Everything was great.  I wouldn't have wanted anything more.
- Carolyn Z.

Eric was very patient and understanding with our family.  He gave us several options and explained everything in detail.  I would have to say we had a good experience in planning and arranging the funeral service with Eric's help.  he was a great asset to us in our time of sorrow.  His kindness and concern was greatly appreciated by the family.
- Larry and Kim H.

Eric, Thanks for EVERYTHING.  It really means a lot to our family.  Leo looked so good.  You did a wonderful job on getting him ready.  You are simply amazing.  Thanks again.
- The family of Leo H.

I think everything your are doing is great.  Very warm, caring people.
- Linda R.

Eric and the rest of the staff,  Thank you.  It was done very well.  Mom looked like she was 80 not 102 plus.
- Audrey D.

Thank you for all your help and support before and after my Dad passed away.  Thank you for taking care of so many details for us; i.e., lunch location, clergy, organist.
- Rosemary F.

I don't think the services could have been any better.  Thank you so much!
- Nancy S.

Eric - Thank you so for the beautiful services you performed for my mom.  I certainly helped my/our sorrow much easier to bear.  Also thank your staff for their caring.
-Nina C.

I wouldn't change a thing.  It was above what we hoped for.  Great help.
- Helen M.

Many people commented on the visitation and funeral and the wonderful job the funeral home provided.
- Virginia S.

Eric - I wanted to thank you for all the help you gave our family after Bob's death.  The services were wonderful, which were mainly your doing.  You made a very difficult time easier to tolerate. Thank you.
- Jan F.

Eric - Thank you for all your help with mom's funeral.  You helped us through a difficult time.  We appreciated all of your efforts in making the visitation and funeral meaningful for us.  We thank everyone at Sorden-Lewis that helped in any way.
- Judy B.

Just wanted to personally say thank-you for your thoughtful, caring and sensitive handling of the funeral arrangements for Gracie.  Thank-you so much.
- The family of Gracie

Eric - Thank you for all your help, guidance, and understanding.  You have a gift for making people comfortable in what could be a stressful situation.  Thank you for your patience and kindness.
- Dick and Barb C.

We were more than pleased!  You guys did a wonderful job.  Thank You!
- Ron H.

Eric - Thank you far all your help and support.  We gave mom a good send off!
- Juan Z.

I'm very thankful for the excellent preparation of the deceased.  She looked very beautiful.  The viewing encouraged loving memories and closure for her loved ones.
- Lester P.

I have no complaints of any kind.  I would recommend to anyone for your attitude and attention.  Thank you so much.
- Lucille G.

The services provided were excellent.  I would have no hesitation about recommending your organization and staff to others.
- John W.

I would like to extend our sincerest thank for your participation in the "Operation Prom" held at the school.  It was a powerful demonstration that our students took seriously and will hopefully have a lasting impact.  Your time, energy, and resources used to provide this opportunity is greatly appreciated and valued!  Thanks again on behalf of the students and staff of Louisa-Muscatine High School.
- Roger, Principal

Eric - How do I begin to thank you, Eric, for all you have done for me and our family?  I might be your job, but you have gone above and beyond to make this easier on me.  Bob would be so pleased at the way you have stepped in to take care of me.  Thank you so much.
- Maria F.

We would like to thank Eric for helping us out during our rough times in losing our father, husband, and grandfather.  The services were wonderful and we appreciate all that you did.
- Jean R., Rick and Sue R, Lynette and Bill S., Tamie and Mark D. and Allen R.

Eric - Thank you so much for everything you did for me and my family.  Your kindness and friendliness made a difficult time a little bit easier.  The services were lovely and everybody said how wonderful he looked.  Thanks for putting up with the polka music, laughter and tears.  You went so far above what I expected.
- Sharon R.

Kirsten and staff was real helpful and polite and to answer any questions that I had.  Compassionate, ready to help in any way that they could.  Well pleased.
- Kathy M.

I believe God sends his angels to guide and care for us in our time of grief and sorrow.  I say that because I believe Kirsten was one of God's most special angels for us, and will be to all those that she helps in the future.  God bless you Kirsten.
- Douglas M. and Gail M.

Pre-paid funerals truly make things easier to deal with during your grief.  All the staff were just the Best,  Everything was just right and the services was short, sweet and perfect.  Mom would have approved!
- Brenda B.

I just wanted to say that Eric and the rest of the staff were a great help and made the most difficult time in our lives a little easier to go through.  I will definitely recommend your services to anybody in need.  Thank you so much for all your help and support!
- Sara T.

Eric - A special thank you to you and your staff for a wonderful job you did providing services for my mother.
- Bob, Betsy, Pat and Pat

Thank you so very much for all of the care and support.  You made a bad time so stress free.  Please give all of your staff our thanks for a job well doe.
- Sharon A. and Alice T.

Eric - I could not of had a better Director help me.  Everything was done according to my wishes.  I appreciate all the staff involved for their concern and kindness.  Thank you.
- Christine G.

Eric - Anytime we needed to talk to any director they were like part of our family.  Keep the locations, directors and the family touch.  We would recommend you all, anytime.  Thanks for everything, you all are great!
- Dorothy S.

Eric - I've been to funerals before but never dreamed of having to have one for one of my kids.  As difficult and sad and confusing as all this was and is, we were and still are greatly pleased with the services we had at your funeral home.  Everything that you guys did was amazing and showed great love and care.  Thank you so much!
- Amand D. and Jose S.

Eric and Kirsten were outstanding. They were knowledgeable, caring and seemed to anticipate our needs.  They made a difficult time more tolerable.  We deeply appreciated their help.  Everything was handled smoothly.  Cosmetics were flawless.  Thank you.
- J and Norman F.

Stacy and Staff,  Many thanks for your excellent services for Mom.  We were very pleased and so comfortable with all that you provided for us.  I thing Mom wuld have been very proud and happy with our "Celebration" of her life and memory.  Stacy, a special thank to you for being there.  I really appreciate you "Being able to dress up" so soon after your surgery.  Take care.
- Geri S. and Richard D.

Eric did a wonderful job and he did a good job on our father.  Our father was so sick and thin and our father looked like what we wanted to remember him by.  Thanks!
- Jane T.

I think our son had only been to one funeral- avoided them like his father.  Even he said it was a very comforting experience.  God bless all of you for your helpfulness at this difficult time.
- Betty B.

We cannot imagine another funeral home matching your professionalism and integrity, doing all that we asked with such ease and comfort.  You did not leave out any details and the services for my mom was beautiful.  You made a very difficult time so much easier for all of us and thank you.  The entire staff was so sensitive to our needs and we are eternally thankful.
- K

I would like to take this time to thank Eric and staff for your great service with our mother Mary Ann.  With your service and support we were able to fulfill our mother's last wishes.  Thank you very much and please keep up the great work.
-  Larry and Mildred

To Eric and the entire staff - THANK YOU.  Everyone was so comforting at a time when we needed it most.  The entire service was beautiful and the luncheon gave us time to unwind a little.  You took care of us very well.  Starting with Eric helping us set up the service - to Joan helping us with paperwork - answering any and all of our questions - even pulling the flowers off casket arrangement so that we could all take a bouquet from the cemetery.  We will be forever grateful!
-  Linda

To the staff of George M. Wittich-Lewis Funeral Home, we could not have asked for more.  Your professionalism and integrity could not be matched by none.
-  Kevin, Sharon, Todd, Melissa, Lauren and Harvey

Mr. Eric, thank you so much for your great care of mom.  She was beautiful and the great care of my sisters and I.  The service was the best.  Thank you for making a hard day a great day.  Thank you again from all of us kids.
- DJ

To the staff of Wittich-Lewis,  Thank you for all you're done and continue to do for my family and I.  Everything was wonderful and greatly appreciated.  I could not have asked for a better services for my husband, Jack.  Again.. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
- Nancy

Kirsten,  Thank you for all your help.  I would not have been able to get through this difficult time without you.
- Emmanda and Laura

Eric and Staff,  Sam and I want to Thank You and the Staff for doing a very good job of making our mother look so good and at peace.  It sure made our day much easier to let go.
- Lloyd and Judy P.

Kirsten has gone far beyond her job description for me, especially after the service with my problem I had.  It has been greatly appreciated.  Thanks.
-Wayne M.

Thank you" for handling the arrangements so well.  The family was very pleased.   From the very first time meeting and planning the arrangements with Eric and Gail, the family gathering that morning at the cemetery followed by the memorial service and luncheon--it was all handled in such a professional yet very caring way.  The Columbus community and surrounding areas are very fortunate to have a pleasant, dedicated, trained and very caring professional staff at Stacy-Lewis.  :Thank you so much

We from Carroll, Iowa very much appreciate your on line services.  You certainly are a "state of the art" business and deserve to pride yourselves as leaders of not only your own community but also a great example for other funeral homes.  God bless you


I wanted to thank you again for all of your help finalizing Mom’s wishes.  It took me a year to fulfill her wishes, but I know she understands and is smiling down from Heaven-Thank You                            


Everything was done very professional and yet personal, the way Dad would have wanted it done.                            


I've had extremely limited experience with funeral homes, but it is hard for me to imagine any others being more sensitive, considerate or helpful.  You excel at the details and to me that is where you're most valuable to a family.  There is so much that needs to be absorbed and taken care of during these difficult moments in a family's life - you made it easier for us by carrying the weight of the small stuff (which outweighs the big stuff in many ways) that we could devote more time to grieving and caring for those who live on.


The amount of room is very helpful.  Most of our children do not live in the area and it meant a lot to them to see and visit with their friends.                               


Everyone was very kind to us and helpful.  Stacy does a super job and everyone I've met there was knowledgeable about things I needed to know.  Thanks for all the support and kindness.                              


Thank you for allowing the extensive amount of time to deal with the separation issues of the children.  It proved very valuable, for progress to healing.                               


Thank you for the wonderful work you and your staff did for my mother's funeral.  It was such a tough time, and it was nice to know that you were there to assist us in every way.  The arrangements were lovely, and the community room worked out so well.  Thank you all.                               


We would like to thank you for making everything so wonderful.  We all felt very comfortable and your professionalism is tops!                               


I was very impressed with everyone's level of compassion while still maintaining their professionalism.  Even though none of you knew my father, I felt like you cared about him.  You deal with this everyday yet I never felt like my dad was just "another one" to  you.  I felt that everyone truly wanted his service to be special.  I appreciated everyone's patience with me through all of my many changes of mind.  Before his death, I had considered taking him home, but decided to stay in town.  I am so thankful that I did and was able to be blessed from a group of wonderful, caring people.                                


The dining area was so nice and wonderful, you were so gracious and kind! The extra material has been so beautiful and helpful.  You could not have done anything more than what you did.  God Bless.                                


I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to you for the compassion and kindness you showed my family during the recent passing of my grandmother.  Her final days were long and emotional ones.  Her condition deteriorated fast and my sister didn't believe there was any way we could have an open casket funeral.  I want to thank you for making my grandmother look so peaceful and beautiful.
On father's day we had visitation.  After visitation us six grandkids went to see our grandfather and he told us he wished he could have seen Grandma, but he knew it was too late.  He assumed we had already buried her.  My aunt called to see if we could get Grandpa in early the next day to see Grandma one last time.  What happened next was a true act of professionalism and kindness.  We were told that Grandpa could see Grandma right then.  My mother, father, aunts and uncles rushed him to your funeral home where he sat with his wife of 68 years for approximately 30 minutes.  Thank you so much.  I can't begin to tell you how much that meant to my family.  Your kindness will never be forgotten.                            


Web Site Comments

The on-line condolence space is much appreciated, as we cannot get a card to the family before the service.  Thanks to your staff for helping me find a local florist and their caterer for the fellowship time to follow the service.  Your web site is user friendly, thanks for your compassionate service.

This is a great service.  Something you can sit down and read in private. Thank you.

Your entrance page is BEAUTIFUL!

We appreciate this service since we grew up in the areas near Lone Tree, Muscatine, Nichols etc.  Our condolences can be sent in a much more timely manner with your help in supplying us with the Obituaries on-line. Thank You.

I think that it's wonderful that you reserve a place for people to put their condolences.  Thanks for caring for our Muscatine resident's feelings.

Your website is nice, it enables you to show all the friends and family how many people care about others.  Thank you for sharing all the nice stories to so many people.

The website is a nice way for folks who have moved away to express their condolences to friends and families.  It was very easy to use and gives you multiple chances to make changes. Thanks.